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the golden age of the ghost story returns


The period between the 1880’s to the 1920’s is often considered the Golden Age of the Ghost Story. This tradition will be brought back to life and will cast a chilling shadow on the Rockwood Mansion in Wilmington DE.


The Gothic mansion and its gardens will make the perfect backdrop due to its hidden and very haunted past. In the briskness of October, the historic site may just take on an entirely different character after dark!  Get ready to be immersed into a mobile theatrical experience and history lesson with a dark dollop of the Victorian & Gothic  Macabre.

October Fridays & Saturdays 

The Rockwood mansion (Wilm. DE)


Joseph Shipley, a Quaker merchant banker, built Rockwood between 1851 and 1854. Its Gothic Revival architecture and enchanting landscape were designed to reflect the beauty of an English country estate.
The museum reflects the way the Bringhurst family, descendants of Shipley, lived during the turn of the 20th century


The haunted story walk is a guided tour that lasts about 90 minutes, through the dark walkways of the estate and gardens.


This will be true Victorian & Gothic traditional storytelling at it’s finest, from an era rife with supernatural themes and practices, including mourning, spiritualism and funeral traditions.

Also, purchase & sip an adult libation from the Rockwood Speakeasy, and bring it with you on the walk for a scary good time...


The Walk


The haunted walk will be led by a character known as a “Revisionist,”  a person that retains the innate ability to speak with the unliving, to hear what sent them, and at times help to reveal and rewrite their circumstances and untimely demise.

Revisionists will lead each tour by lamplight, tell the never heard stories and protect event-goers from the apparitions that find their way back from the spirit world.  Viewers will hear handwritten tales mixed with vignettes with ghosts from Rockwood's haunted past as the night unfolds.

WHAT IS A "Revisionist"

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